Youth Mission Trip

Youth Mission Trip


Dear Senior High Missionaries,

Please find enclosed a description of this year’s mission project.  We are excited to be working with some missionaries who are establishing a mission outreach among the Navajo people.  You can read all about it on the attached Project Description.

I need to bring one important fact to your attention, however.  We can only take 20 youth total on this project!  I wish we could take more but due to the expansive and remote nature of the Reservation and the scattered population a larger group would overwhelm the local population and exceed the housing space.

Please pray about and consider being a part of this project.  I know that it will bless you and that you will grow in your faith through it.

Your Brother in Christ,

Nick Williams

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Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona.


July 12- July 21


You will be responsible for paying a $50 non-refundable deposit.  The rest will be covered by fundraising.  Talk to Nick regarding any financial needs.

 Project Overview:
American Indians have lived hundreds of years with their own traditional belief system. When Jesus was finally introduced, His message was clouded by the harsh reality of the Indians’ experience with western culture. The God of Christianity is seen as the “white man’s God” and many reject Jesus solely for this reason.
Adrift without a moral compass, kids and youth are easy prey for an enemy who eagerly tempts and leads them to destruction and death. Although the Navajo people have a rich cultural heritage, they struggle to live as a healthy community. They deal with alcoholism and drug abuse, diabetes, broken families, and limited economic opportunities. The Gospel message provides answers and offers life-giving hope, and our love and concern for them will open the door for them to hear it.
Ministry Description:
We are partnering with Ron and Barb Ornelas.  Ron and Barb are missionaries supported by Faith Church and who have starting a mission outreach to the Navajo Nation in Tolani Lake, Arizona.  We will be doing physical labor for the first half of each day, renovating and improving the mission facility and working to improve the homes of local Navajo people.  The afternoons and evenings will be spent doing interpersonal evangelism, running programs, leading worship, and interacting with Navajo children and youth.  We will be running sports (especially including basketball and volleyball) and games at the gym, doing evangelistic dramas, worship music, and outreach programs.  There is a chance that we will take 1 day and drive to the nearby Grand Canyon for a quick tour.

 Trip Expectations

Relational ministry can be challenging. People are often resistant to your message of hope. You may struggle to connect with people.  Please come determined to break through the emotional walls you will encounter. You’ll need to exercise initiative to reach the lost and disciple those who struggle with their faith. Participants with developed social skills and the ability to engage people in conversation—sometimes at deeper, spiritual levels—will do well.   Everyone, however, can work to improve the mission facility and the homes of local people.

This is very much a cross-cultural experience, and it will stretch you. You will have to depend on God daily to get the job done physically, relationally, and spiritually. But you will return home forever changed for the Kingdom.


We will be housed out the mission center, a former school where we will sleep in sleeping bags on cots and have access to showers and cooked meals every day.  By mission trip standards this is a luxury trip!


We will be housed and working in Tolani Lake, AZ, which is 40 miles north of Winslow.

Summer highs may reach well into the 90s with sunny skies.  Nights will cool off into the 50’s.

Team Size

We are limited to a group size of 20 kids, so turn in your application and/or contact Nick to sign up early to ensure your spot on the team.