Great Escape 2019

Great Escape 2019


The Great Escape is a getaway. It is a chance for your teen to get away from the busyness of school, family and life in general. The weekend is packed full of fun recreational activities as well as great messages and worship geared towards students. We will be enjoying everything Grand Junction has to offer.

Highlights include:

  • Amazing Worship

  • Great time learning about Jesus

  • Awesome opportunities to grow in your faith

  • Outstanding times with teens in and around your communities.

  • Even White Water Rafting

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Dear Students and Parents,

We want to have a blast with friends and experience God like never before! Join us for a week of crazy games, energetic worship and amazing lessons with youth from all over. You definitely do NOT want to miss β€œthe Great Escape ’19!

Be prepared to:

  • Have tons of fun

  • Feel safe and encouraged

  • Be shown the love of Jesus

  • Learn how to walk with courage!

We want you to join us!

So, register today, bring a friend or two, and get ready to have an experience of a lifetime!

Nick Williams

Director of Youth Ministry

Things to bring:

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Pillow

  • Bible & Pen

  • Sturdy Shoes/Boots

  • Warm Clothes

  • Towel & Soap

  • Water Bottle

  • Good Attitude

  • Swimming suit

  • Roller Skates/Blades (If you have them)

Things NOT Bring:

  • Junk Food/Soda

  • Video Games

  • Drugs or Alcohol

  • Weapons/Fireworks

  • Expensive Things

  • Inappropriate attire

  • Tobacco

  • Bad Attitudes

Camp Rules:

NO: Smoking, Chewing, Disrespecting, Cussing, Purpling, Disobeying, Talking Back, Whining, Disrupting, Snoring.


Eating at meals, sleeping at bedtime, joining us for sessions, doing devotions, having fun during free time, interacting with discussions.