Whether you have been coming to CFC since its beginnings in 1983 or are joining us for the very first time, we are eager for you to join us on a Sunday morning.  Come as you are, enjoy a cup of coffee and seek God with us!

What should I expect?

You may have noticed that “Fellowship” is our middle name.  Definition of Fellowship:  a feeling of friendship and support between people who do the same work or have the same interests.  Every Sunday morning at CFC is an opportunity to connect with a community of folks who are known for their warm fellowship and hospitality.  Whether you are a long time follower of Christ looking for a place to grow in understanding of your faith and exercise your gifts through serving one another OR you are not quite sure about all this God stuff, we welcome you to join us!

What should I wear?

Most of us dress fairly casual, but please come how you feel comfortable!  You will see shorts & ties, jeans & dresses...and everything in between.

What do you have available for my kids?

We are a community with families at every stage of life!  If you have little ones, click here…if you have teens click here.

When & Where is your Sunday morning service?

We have one service each Sunday that begins at 10:15 AM.  Our building is located at 3850 Ziegler Road…click here for a more detailed map and directions.